Sketches shot, edited & directed by Kenji
Writing packet available.

NEWS: Viral Cheerios commercial parody hits 1.4 million views!


N Word Sketch:



Director Reel

Ft. Homo Thugs starring Kevin Barnett & Jermaine Fowler



Prank Demo


Bane Cosby



Homo Thugs Web Series (NSFW)
Produced, Directed, Edited by Kenji

Created by & starring Kevin Barnett & Jermaine Fowler

Episode 3 Ft. Maurica



Ray Lewis sketch demo



Ashley Madison Commercial Parody w David Petraeus







Kenji is an actor, vocalist, comic, screenwriter & filmmaker.

His credits include The Onion IFC, Royal Pains, ER (3 seasons) & appearing as Officer Sanchez on ABC's Dragnet.

Kenji most recently hit 1 million views with his political vid, "Trump in Tijuana" & can also be seen regularly as Bernie Sanders.

His new autobiographical project "Devil in Hollywood" focuses on tensions between youth & experience in an age of shamesless self-promotion.

Kenji formerly co-created & hosted the live Japanese Game Show Batsu! every Monday in NYC's east village. He previously created live variety & game shows at NY Comic Con & Japan Society.

After going viral with both the Cheerios Parody & Homo Thugs series Ep. 1-3, Kenji produced fulltime for the Official Comedy Stand Up Channel at Bedrocket Media.

Then he quit comedy forever. Se habla espaƱol.

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"Get a guy who understands comedy. A bad camera / editor can really drain all the funny out of a good script / good acting.

Our guy, Kenji, is a beast! He has great timing with editing, does great camera work, and is passionate about what he does. Don't let a good idea be ruined by lazy edits & camera work."

- Kevin Barnett, Splitsider